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'Awa Calm ReviewWe are the exclusive distributors of Kava Dot ComCognihance, and our proud early-2014 acquisition; Kona Kava Farm.

10 Center Road, Ste 1
West Seneca, NY 14224

We’re proud to have added Kona Kava Farm to our growing family of Kava-based products.  At their heart; they’re a small, family run operation that has been selling Kava online since 1998!  After suffering some setbacks within the company in 2013, and difficulty in adapting to a changing online world, we felt that buying Kona Kava Farm would allow us re-invent, re-vitalize, and turn them back into the #1 Kava Retailer once again.

Our first order of business was re-evaluating and reformulating their entire product line, while updating the entire look of their online presence.  The results is something that exceeded our expectations, and over the rest of 2014, a lot of visible changes will occur.  Below is an example of the new labeling for any Kona Kava Farm product; from Kavalactone 30% Capsules, to the Kava Root, and the world-reknown KavaLOVEtone capsules that is a staple of their product catalog.

Coupled with KavaDotCom, Kona Kava Farm will become the flagship product line for KavaDotCom, as we slowly introduce a number of amazing items such as the EasyStrain Kava that’s quickly become a best seller on both eCommerce sites.

Thank you, loyal customers as we shake off the dust, and emerge transformed and more passionate than ever to be a responsible example of Kava retail in the online and brick and mortar marketplaces.

– Bryan Cleversely
Founder of KV Naturals, Inc.

Kona Kava Farm Review