Kava.com Review

It took a lot of thought over an entire year to make the decision to convert our informational website on Kava into a premier eCommerce site that offers Kava Kava.  We’ve taken great pride in pointing visitors to only the highest quality retail suppliers of Kava Root since the early 2000’s, and with many thousands of visitors per month, we decided to keep our Kava informational site as the main website, while adding the Kava Marketplace off to the side.

Yes, having the commerce section of Kava.com be off to the side is probably like shooting ourselves in the foot, but we really wanted to show our commitment to visitors to the information we continue to provide, update, and edit on a regular basis.  And yes, it’s all still only about Kava and nothing else!

Find it all at Kava Marketplace for Kava or the Kava Blog for all things Kava Kava.