Kona Kava Farm ReviewWe transformed this tiny company into a worldwide leader in Kava.  With all new packaging, expanded product lines, and the same small family-run farm feel, we couldn’t be more pleased with where Kona Kava Farm is today.

PRESS RELEASE: In early-2014, KV Naturals, Inc. a premiere distributor of Kava-based dietary supplements acquired the struggling Kona Kava Farm; a former #1 Online Retailer for Kava products.  KV Naturals, Inc. visited Kona Kava Farm and was not just impressed with their vision for what a responsible Kava company could look like; we were inspired by their passion for providing quality Kava products to a worldwide market.

Kona Kava Farm was having difficulty keeping up with the demands of a changing marketplace, and decided it was time to seek outside help.  The match between us and them turns out to have been a match made in heaven, as both companies have benefited greatly from the purchase.  KV Naturals, Inc. was able to give Kona Kava Farm an entire new look.  Their top quality sources of top quality Kava became available to Kona Kava Farm.  And, the mutual commitment to quality and FDA-compliance across every aspect of any product that bears the KV Naturals, Inc. name has meant even better products for the consumer.

KV Naturals, Inc. has learned A LOT from the commitment to personal service that Kona Kava Farm has always offered, and it’s taught us to look at the entire product line of all of our divisions a little more personally.  That’s resulted in some amazing new products that will be rolled out to you throughout 2014 and into 2015.

We’re excited by the acquisition, and know that when you see the results, you will be excited as well.  Yes, there was no fanfare with the acquisition, we didn’t advertise everywhere that we had purchased Kona Kava Farm; we just have kept it quiet as we decided to let the new products, the new packaging, and the renewed commitment to quality speak for itself.